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Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that has been hailed as the “clear alternative” to ordinary braces. People of all ages and backgrounds have reported amazing results from Invisalign, which uses clear plastic spacers to gently realign teeth.


Most people enjoy Invisalign because it is more convenient than ordinary braces:

      •  You can remove Invisalign spacers at any time to eat or engage in recreational activities;
      • Invisalign spacers are practically invisible, so most people will not know you have them;
      • Invisalign generally works as fast as conventional braces – and faster in certain cases;
      • Invisalign avoids many of the complications of traditional braces, such as bent wires.

Over several months, Invisalign  can completely resolve many problems with tooth alignment. Invisalign is effective for straightening teeth and correcting their relative position. Only the most serious cases of bite misalignment, such as those caused by bone structure issues, are not affected.

Invisalign doesn’t just improve the look of your smile. By fixing tooth alignment issues, you also strengthen your teeth. Straighter teeth more effectively distribute the force of the bite, which can make chipping, cracking and other tooth trauma less likely in the future.


During the first few days, patients may feel slight discomfort when wearing spacers. After getting used to them, mild irritation to the gums or other soft tissue is the most common issue.

Invisalign may be uncomfortable for a short period after you first start using them. Luckily, the sensation is much less noticeable than with traditional metal braces. Any discomfort should fade within about two weeks of starting treatment. If not, the spacers may be the wrong size for you.


In rare cases, allergic reactions to Invisalign have been reported. Invisalign spacers are made using plastic, and this can cause an unexpected reaction even in people who have not reported any allergies before. Discontinue use and talk to a dentist if you notice severe gum irritation.

The Invisalign treatment is safe, simple and effective – and Invisalign’s cost is affordable. We’ll help you prepare for treatment and support you every step of the way. Contact Superior Dental  today.